Add custom content in user-edit.php page

When I go to edit a user’s account located in:

I want to add a custom section with my own information (just text), similar to the add_settings_section() function. However, I believe this is limited to only adding custom sections to the Settings menu:

-- General
-- Reading
-- Media
-- Permalinks

This is what I have so far which adds my custom section in the Reading menu for testing purposes:

add_action( 'admin_init', 'wpse_edit_user' );
function wpse_edit_user() {
     add_settings_section( 'user_role', 'User Roles', 'wpse_user_role_section', 'reading' );
function wpse_user_role_section() {
    <p class="description">Content to my custom section here...</p>

But I do not want to located in Reading. How can I have my custom content display in the user-edit.php page?

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