Adding callback function for wp_ajax_ has no effect

I was trying to add one more callback function to the WordPress AJAX action woocommerce_apply_coupon.

This action is defined in the WooCommerce plugin, I want to add my own callback function to this action from my plugin file.

What I have tried:

add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_woocommerce_apply_coupon','darn',999);
add_action( 'wp_ajax_woocommerce_apply_coupon', 'darn',999);

function darn(){

Doing this in my functions.php is not even showing any error, like I can’t see any effect of this code.

I want to know if this is even possible to achieve . Thank you.

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Yes. It is possible and you’re on the right track! 🙂

AJAX calls happen “behind the scenes” and no screen output is generated during the process no matter what you echo or print_r – that’s why you don’t see anything returned to you – instead that server response is captured by javascript and acted upon there.

That gives you two basic options for debugging your AJAX actions:

1) You can use error_log() in your AJAX actions to write the output to WP_DEBUG_LOG file and check the results there:

function darn(){
     error_log( print_r($_POST, 1) );

For more details see Codex: Debugging_in_WordPress – WP_DEBUG_LOG

Pro-tip #1: Fire up a terminal console and use tail -f debug.log for a live stream of debugging awesomness 😉

Pro-tip #2: Use tail -f debug.log | grep -v 'bad-plugin' to filter out too much debugging awesomness from plugin authors who don’t use WP_DEBUG_LOG ;P

2) Use javascript’s own console.log() to check the response right in your browser:

Send a response from the AJAX action…

function darn(){
    echo 'darn!'

… and receive it with JS:

$.post(ajaxurl, data, function(response) {
    // Response will be 'darn!'
    if( typeof(console) == 'object' ) console.log( response );

Pro-tip #3: Instead of simply echoing the response like we did above you can use wp_send_json() for generating a JSON formatted response or WP_Ajax_Response class for a XML. Handy for more complex responses and/or error handling!

Pro-tip #4: Let me know in comments if anything remains unclear 😀

Welcome and have a great time on WPSE!

If some other handler code is hooked first and it calls exit() too, then the script ends, so your code never runs.

Check the other handler.