Admin auto-refresh is interfering with Firebug — how to prevent it?

I’m developing a plugin that adds a metabox to the post editing page.

When I try to debug it with Firebug, about every 15 seconds the Firebug display refreshes as though the page has reloaded. This collapses the code tree and loses my place, so I have to start from scratch… and get where I want within 15 seconds.

I’ve disabled all plugins, so I assume this is standard WordPress behavior (version 4.0).

Is it possible to prevent this auto-refresh, or to otherwise make Firebug usable on the post editing page?

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Per comments, an alternative is to use the built-in Firefox debugger instead (Inspect Element (Q)) – it’s very good (now) and is (almost completely) unaffected by the WP heartbeat.

I just found a way around the problem, but it’s a kludge, so I won’t accept my own answer unless nobody has a “real” solution.

If I set a break-point in my JavaScript and do my investigation while it’s paused, that prevents all future script from running, including whatever script is refreshing the page.