Admin page redirect to another admin page

How can I redirect certain WordPress admin pages to another admin page.

For example I never want a user to see wp-admin/about.php it should always redirect to wp-admin/index.php.

There are also a couple plugins that redirect to a plugin welcome page with promotions the I want to be able to check if this URL then redirect to this URL.

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You can use get_current_screen() to check on which page you are then make a redirect to specific admin page.

get_current_screen() return the screen object like

WP_Screen Object
    [action] => 
    [base] => dashboard
    [columns:WP_Screen:private] => 0
    [id] => dashboard
    [in_admin:protected] => site
    [is_network] => 
    [is_user] => 
    [parent_base] => 
    [parent_file] => 
    [post_type] => 
    [taxonomy] => 
    [_help_tabs:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_help_sidebar:WP_Screen:private] => 
    [_screen_reader_content:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_options:WP_Screen:private] => Array

    [_show_screen_options:WP_Screen:private] => 
    [_screen_settings:WP_Screen:private] => 

You can use base key to identify the page base!


add_action('current_screen', 'wpse_225416_redirect_admin_page');
 * Redirect specific admin page
function wpse_225416_redirect_admin_page() {
    $my_current_screen = get_current_screen();
    if (isset($my_current_screen->base) && $my_current_screen->base == 'about') {

Use current_screen hook because before that get_current_screen() will return nothing.