Administration Pages Styling

I am adding administration pages using add_menu_page() function. But it wont look good. Check the image below.

alt text

I would like to have it as separated and in between Appearance and Plugins section with rounded borders.

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This will put one separator right after ‘Appearance’ and one right before ‘Plugins’. Just make sure to give your menu position 62 or 63. You can just add it to whatever file is adding the admin page to begin with. This should be called after everything else has been added.

function jpb_menu_isolator(){
  global $menu;
  $menu[61] = array('', 'read', 'separator3', '', 'wp-menu-separator');
  $menu[64] = array('', 'read', 'separator3', '', 'wp-menu-separator');

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'jpb_menu_isolator', 1000 );