Automatic Updates For Private And Commercial Themes?

Is there any way to get wordpress to check for, download private theme updates?

I found this plugin for private plugin updates….

Automatic Updates For Private And Commercial Plugins

I’m looking for the same thing but for themes.

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It’s quite possible. I’ve been doing this for years with my Version Checker plugin.

I do not distribute it openly, but in essence it checks a private version API , and then tosses the extra results into the update_core, update_plugins and update_themes site transients. WP then takes it seamlessly from there courtesy of the WP patches I supplied when I was developing it.

I have personally used this one and it is really good and awesome.

Using this library is easy you just have to add a piece of code to your functions.php file and host the and a JSON file containing the new version numbers and other basic info somewhere in web publicly accessible.

If you want a hosted solution that you don’t have to manage, check out Kernl. Its a service that provides the infrastructure for updating plugins and makes it easy to integrate into your own plugins.

I’ve found this that seems it might do the job.