Automattic's eCommerce Plugin


Does anyone know what plugin Automattic uses for their eCommerce functionality in the MU installation of WordPress located on the free sub-domains at

Please share where it is available, or if it even is available. I suspect that it might be proprietary, but if not, I like to try and follow Automattics lead when developing my own WP sites to ensure better long-term stability.

More Plugin Details

If you have a account, you’ll find the admin panel for the plugin here: {YOUR_USER_NAME} These two related resources are pulled from the source code:

  1. /wp-admin/css/store-bundles.css

  2. /wp-content/admin-plugins/wpcom-billing/images/WPCOM-Billing-Paypal-Direct.png

There are also multiple references to the plugin in this .pot file… open the link in your browser and do an on-page find for: wpcom-billing.

Based on the above evidence, it appears that this eCommerce plugin resides in a directory called: wp-content/admin-plugins/wpcom-billing, but I’m also wondering if this could just be a modified version of the wp-ecommerce plugin.

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