Can wp_get_image_editor convert to icon?

I have a very simple question regarding wp_get_image_editor ( I can crop, resize and save an image like this:

$image = wp_get_image_editor( 'example_1.jpg' );
$image->resize( 32, 32, true );
$image->save( $path . '/test.png' ); // Works with jpg/gif/png

It works perfectly. I can convert a JPG file to GIF or PNG (and vice versa), but I don’t seem to be able to conver an image to a .ico file. So a code like:

$image->save( $path . '/test.ico' );

Doesn’t output any image nor any error/notice. So at this point I wonder: can wp_get_image_editor actually convert to .ico files (and if so, how, what am I missing/doing wrong), or it can’t be done?

Thanks in advance!

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No. At least I’ve never saw it.

Although I believe that you can tailor some solution. Since WordPress 3.5 in WP_Image_Editor is added support for Imagick by default (which is a wrapper to the ImageMagick library). You can check class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php to see how it’s integrated and if you have ImageMagick installed on your server, probably you can tailor something. But I believe it will probably be an overkill for a small set of .ico files.