Cannot access admin panel

I have been working on my site through MAMP and with a localhost. I have not uploaded my site online yet.

I have worked in it for weeks accessing through the MAMP start page and then typing http://localhost:8888 on my browser.

Well, after a long night I woke up the next day and tried to log in as always. When I do it, my site appears on the browser but I cannot edit a thing. I mean, there is no way I can enter the admin panel, there are no tabs, no WP icon, not even the little EDIT squares at the end of every post or page where I clicked and it took me to the admin panel and dashboard.

I can navigate through the site, it works perfectly, It looks as if it was online, but simply I cannot edit anything.

I tried to remember what I did differently from the other days, and the only thing I came up with is that I updated a galleria plugin and I activated a new contact plugin widget.
As I read in the forums I took all the plugins from my wp-content folder inside the WordPress folder but that did not solve the problem. I tried replacing the entire WordPress folder for a fresh download, the site looks funny no photos but still cannot access to the admin panel. I have no code or programming experience and am I new to WordPress.
I am stuck with a dead line and no idea on what to do!

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The way you describe it, it sounds as if WordPress was installed to your root directory. That however doesn’t explain why http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/ doesn’t work, unless you renamed the directory..? Try accessing http://localhost:8888/wp-login.php

Have you tried to log in using the following url once logged in?


The reason your photos don’t appear anymore is that they are not in the new install you’ve made. I hope that you did not erased the first install, because your medias are stored inside the wordpress/wp-content/uploads directory.

it’s a long shot but i think you forgot to type the folder name of you wordpress installation…

Are you sure you access your website directly on http:/localhost:8888/ ? because that means you installed your website on your local Sites folder root. If you access the website on http://localhost:8888/foldername/ than you should be able to access the wordpress admin on http://localhost:8888/foldername/wp-admin

I don’t know if this going to help much, but try the command line and find wp-admin then type that location into the browser.