Can't see login page after migration

I already have an existing website on live server. I want to setup on local machine.

Following Steps has been taken:

  1. Download whole website
  2. Place whole code under htdocs/mywp
  3. Change the database file. replace all link from to (my local IP)
  4. Import the database and change the wp-config file
  5. Deleted .htaccess file

Now, when I visit:

The page load except for the styling (CSS). When I try to visit: It doesn’t open
it redirects to:

Can anybody tell me what steps can be taken?

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Sounds like you are still having content pointing back to your live URL, possibly. To ensure that you have changed all the URLs from to, follow these steps:

  1. Go and download Interconnect IT’s Database Search & Replace Script here
  2. Unzip the file and drop the folder in your localhost where your WordPress is installed (the root) and rename the folder to replace (screenshot)
  3. Navigate to the new folder you created in your browser (ex: and you will see the search/replace tool
  4. It should be pretty self-explanatory up to this point: enter your old URL in the search for… field and the new URL in the replace with… field

You can click the dry run button under actions to see what it will be replacing before you execute the script. Once you’re done be sure to remove the /replace/ folder.

Use this plug in for database migration and URL replacement and check all files are properly uploaded to new site