Contact form submit, having to click twice

I am having an issue with different contact forms (I’ve tried a few) on mobile devices. The issue being that you have to click submit twice.

The first time you click the text grey’s out a bit like placeholder text but is still typable. It does nothing else until clicked again.

I have only tested on Firefox mobile so far.

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It sounds like a ‘classic rollover effect bug’ to me: if you trigger a visual effect on any link (or ‘button’) either with jQuery or JavaScript, users on touch devices may be forced to click twice: “iPad/iPhone hover problem causes the user to double click a link”

I suggest you either try to replace the ‘mouseover’ effects with css :hover effects or trigger the jQuery event only, if the user is not on a touch device.

A third way can be found on the page over at stackexchange that I linked above: add a jquery snippet that tells the (iOS) browser the link was actually clicked.

PS: it could be useful anyways if you could either provide code or name any of the contact form plugins you used.