Creating nested forum loops in bbPress

I’m creating a customised forums front page for bbPress, by listing forums in a different way to the bbPress default.

Essentially what I’m trying to do is replace the use of bbp_list_forums() with a second, nested bbPress loop so that I have greater control over how the sub-forums are displayed.

I know I can use the ‘before’ and ‘after’ parameters of bbp_list_forums() but that doesn’t give me as much control as I need.

The only question I found that came close was this one which doesn’t actually provide a definitive answer.

My code so far is like so;

<?php while ( bbp_forums() ) : bbp_the_forum(); ?>

<li class="bbp-header">

    <ul class="forum-titles">
        <li class="bbp-forum-info"><?php bbp_forum_title(); ?></li>
        <li class="bbp-forum-freshness"><?php _e( 'Latest post', 'youngsibs' ); ?></li>
        <li class="bbp-forum-topic-count"><?php _e( 'Threads', 'youngsibs' ); ?></li>
        <li class="bbp-forum-reply-count"><?php bbp_show_lead_topic() ? _e( 'Replies', 'bbpress' ) : _e( 'Posts', 'bbpress' ); ?></li>

</li><!-- .bbp-header -->

<li class="bbp-body">

                'before' => '<ul id="bbp-forum-'.bbp_get_forum_id().'" '.bbp_get_forum_class().'>',
                'after' => '</ul>',
                'link_before' => '<li class="bbp-forum-info">',
                'link_after' => '</li>',
                'count_before' => '<li class="bbp-forum-topic-count">',
                'count_after' => '</li>',
                'count_sep' => '</li><li class="bbp-forum-reply-count">',
                'separator' => '</ul><ul id="bbp-forum-'.bbp_get_forum_id().'" '.bbp_get_forum_class().'>',
                'forum_id' => '',
                'show_topic_count' => true,
                'show_reply_count' => true

</li><!-- .bbp-body -->

<li class="bbp-footer">

    <div class="tr">
        <p class="td colspan4">&nbsp;</p>
    </div><!-- .tr -->

</li><!-- .bbp-footer -->

<?php endwhile; ?>

See the bbp_list_forums() reference – in place of that I want another “while (bbp_forums())…” loop but how do I do that without interfering with the main loop?

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