Custom comment status possible?

I am a newbie to WordPress and I have some experience in PHP programming.

Recently, I have a lot of comments for my WordPress blog and I wanted to manage them in better order.

I wish to “archive” some comments in which I plan to release them later and get rid of them from the “pending” status.

There are currently 4 status for $comment_status:
spam and

I know that it is possible to add custom post types. Is it possible to add custom comment status? If possible, which file should I edit?

Thanks in advance.

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Quick answer: no. There is not a built-in function to create a new comment status. The status of a comment (or a post/page/attachment/etc) contains wide-spread implications thoughout your WordPress install, so you couldn’t just add one somewhere quickly.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish by adding this new “status”, but I think the closest thing you could use would be the add_comment_meta function which will append whatever info you want to that comment. You can then use that field to somehow differentiate from the statuses.

Take a look here:

Or, maybe here:

That might help you get where you want to go.