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So Im just getting started with Custom Post Types. I’m trying to make a custom post called a Certificate. The thing is, I don’t need any of the usual ‘editor’ boxes or anything that would normally be in a post. All I need is an upload form for a user to upload a file.

So I’ve set up the the Certificate post-type, and I made it so it doesn’t support anything, so nothing appears on the page. I then added a ‘admin_init’ hook to display a form.

But now i’m a little stuck. Can someone give me a breif outline of what hooks to use to process the form? How do I make it so it activates this hook only for ‘Certificate’ post types?

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Take a look at this answer.

You can use the save_post hook. Your hooked-in function examines the posted data and runs a block of code only if the $_POST['post_type'] matches your Certificate type.

The function should also ensure that the user has the authentication and intention of running the particular function.

More information including a full worked example of adding a post meta box and processing the data is included in the WordPress codex at: