Forum plugin with private forum option

I’m in need of a forum plugin for WordPress that has an option for a private forum that is only accessible (both for reading and posting) to registered users. Restricted posting appears to be de rigueur, but restricted viewing appears to be harder to find.

Ideally, it’ll integrate directly with WordPress but if it needs to open in a separate window (a la BBPress) then that’s fine.

I’ve been looking around at different WordPress forum options (such as BBPress and Mingle), but I can’t see whether any support this feature.

Does anyone know of a simple forum solution that offers this? Thanks.

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Can limit forums to no access, read only, limited, standard, full, moderator

It’s decently simple, I’ve been using it a bit for my personal blog.
I didn’t have too hard of a time integrating it.
Lots of features available, with pretty fine grained ability to turn things on and off

Also, as information, bbPress no longer requires stand-alone operation
It is now developed as a plugin and is maturing rapidly.
I’ve integrated it into one of my sites with no problems. However, I don’t think it meets your needs. Just wanted to include the info in case you were interested.

Mingle Forums is capable of this –