How can I automatically attach posts to a map?

I’d like to display a Google map of places relating to posts (eg, places I’ve visited).

Is there a plugin or method available that will allow me to have a Google map on a page and when creating a post, I can put in an address or lat/long for the post, so that it automatically gets added to the map?

I’m thinking of something a bit like Drupal’s Location module, which adds nodes with lat/longs to a main map.

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You could use this plugin, although it may only be compatible to 3.2.1. And this plugin may help you out, although it seems a little complicated to implement a map for all the posts.

You could also use a custom field for lat/long on each post, and then create markers using wpdb calls, grabbing the post_meta data, and using the Google Maps API to place the markers, but it sounds as though you’d prefer an out-of-the-box solution. If you do want to attempt this, you might use the above plugin’s code as a development roadmap.