How can I insert an image map into a WordPress blog post?

I’m trying to insert a custom image map into a blog post, so that clicking on different parts of an image at the top of the post will lead to anchors in other parts of the post.

I have generated the image map code correctly, and tested it in a separate non-wordpress plain HTML page, where it worked fine.

Whenever I insert the HTML (using the code view, not the WYSIWYG editor view), it gets erased as soon as I save the post. However, I checked and it looks like <map> and <area> are both permitted tags on

This blog is not hosted by (it’s actually a site on the WPMU instane hosted right here on Stack Exchange), but I would assume that by default, the downloaded version of WordPress would allow at least the same tags as the hosted blogs.

Is there a setting which a network super-admin has to change to allow these tags, or am I inserting them incorrectly? If the tags are allowed, what might cause them to be outright removed?

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yes, it should achievable like this ..


<img class="alignnone" id="imageMaps" src="" alt="" width="298" height="595" usemap="#flushometer" border="0" />

<map name="flushometer" id="flushometer"> 

<area shape="rect" coords="219,6,277,41" href="" alt="A-72 CP Cover" />

<area shape="rect" coords="218,42,278,70" href="" alt="A-71 Inside Cover" />



copy the whole code (including div) and paste in HTML tab in editor .
the top 2 “covers” on this drawing should work as different links.