How can I make a widget shortcode to control all the widgets?

First things first,

I am making a theme in which I have make some widgets that are listed below.

  1. About Me Widget
  2. Subscribe Me widget
  3. AD widget

Now what I thought that if I could implement my widget using shortcodes.

So to implement widgets using shortcodes I have made a function that implements the widgets using the classname and it works fine but as not expected.

So what’s the problem?

The Problem, widgets that I have made in my theme are different with each other Obesily.

What I mean?

I mean that My all three widgets contains the title, to display.

  1. If I add the about us widget using shortcode it gives me the error undefined index title ( with the directory location of my about us file ). NOTE: The solution of this problem is mentioned below.

  2. If I add the Subscribe me widget using shortcode no undefined title error. The reason is the index is same but.

  3. In AD widget I got three errors and they are undefined index ad_title, ad_img_url, ad_link_url. I know why the errors are coming -> Reason: index name are different.

  4. Two More things.

    1. I am having one more problem with about me widgets and that is the the is only displaying but the about me content is not why? If I try two add the about me index then also nothing got printed.

              'widget_name' => FALSE,
              'title' => '',                  
              'aboutMe' => ''     // BY  ADDING  THE  INDEX  TITLE
          ), $atts));
    2. The error occurs for index only in the input fields. It does not occurs in the textarea field that I have used for about me content.

    How I solved the First problem?

    I have solved the first problem by adding the index name.

    function widgetShortcodes( $atts ) {
        global $wp_widget_factory;
            'widget_name' => FALSE,
            'title' => '',                  // BY  ADDING  THE  INDEX  TITLE
        ), $atts));
        // do shortcode actions here
        $widget_name = esc_html($widget_name);
        if (!is_a($wp_widget_factory->widgets[$widget_name], 'WP_Widget')):
            $wp_class = 'WP_Widget_'.ucwords(strtolower($class));
            if (!is_a($wp_widget_factory->widgets[$wp_class], 'WP_Widget')):
                return '<p>'.sprintf(__("%s: Widget class not found. Make sure this widget exists and the class name is correct"),'<strong>'.$wp_class.'</strong>').'</p>';
                $class = $wp_class;
        $args = array(
            'before_widget' => '',
            'after_widget' => '',
            'before_title' => '',
            'after_title' => ''
        the_widget($widget_name, $atts, $args);
        $output = ob_get_contents();
        return $output;
    add_shortcode( 'widget','widgetShortcodes' );

What I want to know?

I want to know that I have to add each and ever index name if I make a new widget with different or new index. Is there would be the easy or more dynamic way to do this.

I think I have one and that is to make the shortcode for each and every widget but that’s a long process.

Any Suggessions would be appriciated?

By the way I want to notify you that I have make this widget shortcode function using this link -> Call a Widget with a Shortcode


The Function is only working for two wordpress inbuilt widgets and they are.

  1. Archives
  2. Recent_Posts

and the function is not giving error but also not previewing any result

  1. RSS
  2. Tag_Cloud
  3. Nav_Menu_Widget

other wp classes triggering the errors.

  1. Calendar
  2. Categories
  3. Links
    6.Recent Comments
    7.Search (a search from)

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