How do I enable new account notification emails (to the administrator)?

As an administrator, receiving an email when a user registers to my blog is important. How do I enable this feature?

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It is enabled by default.
Check that WordPress is sending emails at all, you might have problem with the SMTP settings.
Where is your website hosted?
Did you check the spam?…

  1. Check your mail address from your profile. If it is true;

  2. Check your junk/spam folder. If there is nothing;

  3. Check your mail() function on your server. Because if you are using shared hosting, it can be disabled.

If it’s disable but you have personal server;

4.1. Turn it on in your php.ini

If it’s disable and you have shared hosting;

4.2. Use STMP. If you don’t know STMP;
5. Download ‘WP-Mail-SMTP’ plugin and configure it.