How do I get more image editing options in the admin?

In an installation of WordPress 4.7, when I go to edit an Media | Library | Some Image | Edit Image I am offered editing options such as, “Restore Original Image” and “Thumbnail Settings”.

thumbnail editing options

However in my other installation of WordPress 4.5 I do not have any thumbnail setting options and it’s related “restore” option.

no thumbnail optinos

My question, is this a theme setting issue? Is this a version issue? How do I activate or get these thumbnail options. Additionally, I need to clarify that this problem is only occurring on some images within a specific installation and specific theme.

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This is correct. To have the Restore Original Image, you need to alter the image first.

Also for the thumbnails, if if ( $thumb && $sub_sizes ) condition is not met (if the image doesn’t have thumbs) you will not see the thumbnails section.

File: wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php
143:    <?php if ( $thumb && $sub_sizes ) {
144:        $thumb_img = wp_constrain_dimensions( $thumb['width'], $thumb['height'], 160, 120 );
145:    ?>

BTW, WordPress 4.5 Coleman, has been released 2016-04-12.
You simple track the changes and nothing serious happened from then till now.

For instance, I created a really small image 5x10px, and when I enter the edit section I don’t get the thumbnail section. Image too small.

No thumbnails section

You may add

add_image_size( string $name, int $width, int $height, bool|array $crop = false )

inside your theme. Low values for width and height may inject the thumbnail section.

This post is not super relevant but it may help.

There actually is no way to “add” additional image editing features like “Thumbnail settings” in WP. It turns out the discrepancy for my problem was due to an inability to create thumbnails (at least by default) on GIFs in WordPress 4.5.3.