How do I install more than one WordPress blog on EC2?

I created an EC2 instance and installed WordPress inside /var/www/html/blog/. I’m running Amazon Linux with Apache.

Assuming I want to create another blog. Do I create another directory and install WP as per the first attempt? Or can I run two blogs from the same installation?

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Unless EC2 is much different than other servers, you should be able to install another WordPress installation under another directory.

For instance, you could have /var/www/html/blog/ with WordPress installed and /var/www/html/blog/wordpress with another WordPress install.

You can either use a separate database or use the same one as the other install, but you would need a unique table prefix set in the wp-config.php.

You can read more about multiple installs here:

I’ve never used EC2, but I would assume it would work very similar to any other server. If not, you may want to reach out to their support to see what the differences are.