how do you create an admin interface in plugin for your theme

I’m creating a theme that would need some settings on the client side. So I need a admin interface where they can set some values. (like, source of image, title, or numbers)

so in my theme, I can just set some variables like <img src="IMAGE_SOURCE" title="TITLE" size="NUMBER" />

If you can point me to a tutorial that would be great.


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The newest and most complete tutorial to the settings API can be found here. I’d suggest to take a look there. I used a pretty similar way myself.

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It is hard to point out single tutorial, a lot of info around dates back to oldish versions and now it’s better done with Settings API. So check that for foundation and there are some links at the end for more written out examples.

I suggest you to get a theme that has a settings menu and use it as an example. The one I use (LightWord) has one, so it could be a starting point… You can find it at

If what you’re doing is just basic theme settings that don’t require a lot of programming customization, and you want to get it up and running fast, I would recommend just including cheezcap or another theme options framework…