How long does it take to update a plugin page from the readme.txt?

So I updated my plugin this morning to a new version and made some changes to the readme.txt (basic FAQ, changelog info). But the plugin site isn’t reflecting the changes.

I updated the ‘Stable tag’ to version 0.0.2, then copied the trunk file to the tags/0.0.2 directory. The svn page shows the correct readme.txt . Am I missing a step?

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It normally takes at most 15 minutes before the Extend page is refreshed, so just give it a little while.

Make sure both the ‘stable version’ is updated in the readme.txt AND the ‘version’ number is updated in the header of your-plugin.php, in addition to adding a new tag.

I’ve seen it take over 15 minutes but usually updated within the hour. If I get real desperate I’ll do a minor readme change, double check all my version numbers, cp trunk/* to tags/0.x.x and do an additional commit.

As of December 28th, 2011 the repo now updates in near real-time.