How to add nofollow to wp_nav_menu

I need to add an option in my theme options panel to set a specific custom menu’s links all to nofollow.

Does wp_nav_menu() allow this or does it require a custom walker to manually ad rel=”nofollow”?

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Advanced Menu Properties

As you can see above, the Advanced Menu Properties are hidden under the Screen Options pull down tab located in the upper-right corner of WordPress Dashboard.

NOTE: Make sure that you are in the Menus screen:

W.r.t your question, the Link Relationship (XFN) option is what you want “check”. Then the appropriate field will show up for each menu item allowing you to define its relationship (rel="____"). You can also leave it blank for some items (meaning, no relationship will be specified).

Some years ago there was the only reason to use rel="nofollow" attribute on internal links — PageRank sculpting. These days are gone forever.

If you don’t want some pages to be indexed, use a plugin (e.g. WordPress SEO by Yoast) to add <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" /> to the head section of these pages.