How to check if a shortcode exists?

I’m using do_shortcode function to add shortcode in my template. But i would like to check if that shortcode exists before display them.

I mean like this

If (shortcode_gallery_exists) {
  echo do_shortcode('');

Can anyone help me? Thanks

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#23572 introduced shortcode_exists() into 3.6.

I think you could use the following code to do this:

$content = get_the_content();
//write the begining of the shortcode
$shortcode = '[gallery';

$check = strpos($content,$shortcode);
if($check=== false) {
  //Code to execute if there isn't the shortcode
} else {
  //Code to execute if the shortcode is present

(Caveat: not tested)

You can create your own function,

// check the current post for the existence of a short code
function has_shortcode( $shortcode = NULL ) {

    $post_to_check = get_post( get_the_ID() );

    // false because we have to search through the post content first
    $found = false;

    // if no short code was provided, return false
    if ( ! $shortcode ) {
        return $found;
    // check the post content for the short code
    if ( stripos( $post_to_check->post_content, '[' . $shortcode) !== FALSE ) {
        // we have found the short code
        $found = TRUE;

    // return our final results
    return $found;

The in your template write a conditional like,

if(has_shortcode('[gallery]')) {  
    // perform actions here  

Idea from this NetTuts link

Found this online somewhere and used is once or twice

//first we check for shortcode in the content
$tempContent = get_the_content();
$tempCheck = '[gallery';

$tempVerify = strpos($tempContent,$tempCheck);
if($tempVerify === false) {
  //Your Shortcode not found do nothing ? you choose
} else {
    echo do_shortcode('[gallery]');


(i know the [gallery is missing the ].. leave it like so)

This should be used inside the loop
Hope this helps, Sagive

WordPress allows you to check whether a shortcode exists or not.

To check it you can use shortcode_exists() function. It returns true if the shortcode exists.

<?php if ( shortcode_exists( $tag ) ) { } ?>

Where $tag is the name of shortcode you want to check.

if ( shortcode_exists( 'latest_post' ) ) {
    // The short code exists.