How to get url of a post from admin panel

I want to get post url from the back end edit post page,
the edit post url is :
the real post is:

since the user can edit permalink, i need some wordpress parametrs so it will be constant.

Looking for this answer:

 global $post;

thx all

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You can get the ID of the post you’re editing like this:

//currently edited post id 
$cep_id = $_GET['post'];
get_permalink( $cep_id );

This is and can only work if your editing an existing/saved post. It won’t and can’t work on »Add New«-Pages, because the post you’re going to add isn’t saved to the database yet, after »Publish« has been pressed one gets redirected to the actual »Edit«-Page and the above is possible.

If you are looking for the post edit url for admin end and you have the post id (suppose $post_id) with you, then you can use the following code for getting the url.

$post_url = admin_url( 'post.php?post=' . $post_id ) . '&action=edit';

You can use the ‘current_screen’ hook and get_permalink():

add_action( 'current_screen', function ( $screen ) {
    $url = get_permalink( $screen->id );
    // ...
} );

This hook receives a WP_Screen_Object with misc. information about the current admin screen the user is browsing. See and for details.