How to hide login form if basic authentication fails?

I have recently been learning how to harden WordPress using the steps outlined on this page.

When I get to the stage where I use the HTTP Basic Authentication (that’s the one where the browser pops up with a login prompt) to protect the Login and Admin areas, and if I was to click cancel or fail to authenticate myself, the WordPress Login Form still appears, but in a less styled way.

I tried setting an ErrorDocument 401 (Authentication Required) in the .htaccess file, both in the WordPress root directory, and the wp-admin directory, with a message in quotes, that doesn’t work. Then I tried setting an ErrorDocument 403 (Forbidden) in both, with the same message in quotes, and it still shows.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?

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Managed to figure it out and want to share it with others in case they’re having the same issue.

When protecting wp-admin, protect it using wp-admin/.htaccess file, but that only works for the wp-admin directory, and won’t affect the wp-login.php file which is outside that directory.

Add protection to the wp-login.php file using the <files></files> directive in the root .htaccess file.

After doing that and reloading the page, failing to authenticate will no longer show the login page or anything related to wp-login.php.

Hope this helps someone out there. Please let me know if it does.