How to implement a customizable free OpenID authentication?

OpenID is a standard commonly used nowadays. I am trying to implement OpenID on my blog, but I have many difficulties.

I tried OpenID plugin but it seems to be incompatible with WordPress 3.0.

I tried also Janrain plugin but the free version is too limited. I would like to integrate the login screen into my blog theme style.

Do you have any suggestions how to proceed? Any other plugins? Or any PHP library that can be adapted to an easy integration with WordPress?

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The OpenID plugin you linked is the best one, but it has a minor bug preventing it from working with WordPress 3.0, at least when combined with PHP 5.3.

The fix can be found here:

I use OpenID 3.3.2 (from the same link) and it works fine as far as I can tell. I have the latest version of WordPress and the Plugin. I have full control on the server if that makes any difference.

If you can tell specifically what the problem is, I can check how I have configured.

A couple of notes regarding OpenID plugin:

  1. I recommend changing the plugin’s version number so it never upgrades to the broken 3.3.3.
  2. Three things I did now that helped me fix a broken plugin: Revert to 3.3.2, change my Reading Settings and making sure XRDS-simple is activated.

Why do you say Janrain is to limited? just call the javascript showRPX() anywhere you want.

For instance, in my theme, I had

printf("<a href='$u'>login</a>);

Just use instead

printf("<a href='$u' onclick='javascript:showRPX();return false;'>login</a>);

It’s not free as in free speech, but I think you have enough freedom with their solution