How to implement a secondary menu?

I actually need to implement a secondary vertical menu like in here:

It has to be vertical and it looks like it based on frames, but as I know frames are obsolete, so how should I do this? Is there a plugin for this?

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It sounds like you’re looking for a sub-menu for the current menu item from another menu – if that makes sense itself 😉

One that I’ve personally used with great success is Advanced Menu Widget. Tons of options and does exactly what you want. Thanks!

Features include:

  • Custom hierarchy – “Only related sub-items” or “Only strictly related
  • Starting depth and maximum level to display + flat
  • Display all menu items starting with the selected one.
  • Display only direct path to current element or only children of
    selected item (option to include the parent item).
  • Custom class for a
    widget block.
  • And almost all the parameters for the wp_nav_menu

Its hard to guess what exactly you are asking, If I’m not being wrong, that menu is like a list of WordPress categories. If your theme supports one Dynamic Sidebars, then you can simply drag a category list widget into it, and a list of all categories will appear in your site’s sidebar.


You can manually edit your themes sidebar to include wordpress function – wp_list_category(), which will list all the categories.