How to pass users back and forth using session data?

I have applications that I wrote that use SAML and then a user database to define permissions for them all. And basically once a user signs on via our SSO they can use the applications with their defined perms.

I want to do the same thing for WP. Where do I start? I would like WP to recognize their session username before they login and then create wordpress cookie. I saw a root cookie plugin that would pass the user info to other wp sites but how about getting the session username to begin with?

I would like users to come to WP site and see that they are logged in with their username but I am open for other ways too.

Right now what is given to me for SAML authentication is:

  • app url: redirect to the SSO sign in
  • app key: hash to encrypt
  • uid
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • time (POST time is used for validation)

Note: I have just tried using the SAML2 plugin for WP. First it is a beta plugin and very confusing. Second I keep getting fatal error that it cannot find IDP information.

Would really just like to take the session uid I have an log a person in using that.

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If you will work with sessions, then init this at first in your plugin, theme.

add_action( 'init', 'my_start_session' );

function my_start_session() {

    if ( session_id() )

    @session_cache_limiter('private, must-revalidate'); //private_no_expire

Alternative use the library from Eric Mann: WP Session Manager, also his tutorial.

I have a really simple script that is linked

Basically I am assuming that your SSO is secure, that you have the users in your database, and that you don’t need to keep the session alive except for authentication. From my standpoint I just want to pass the user onto WP and let the WP user system do the rest. Hope this helps others doing session logins.