How to reset a custom theme

After making a lot of little changes to the current custom theme [zeeBizzCard] I’m using, I want to reset it back to it’s original style. Being new to WP, I didn’t make a backup of the default theme and can not find a quick and easy method of reseting the theme.

Have I missed something, or is there no “reset” options for downloaded themes?


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If you look into the file includes/admin/theme-admin.php you’ll see that the theme’s options are stored in 'themezee_options'. You can either delete these options per database manager or per a plugin.

If you aren’t familiar with database operations, copy the following code into a PHP file, install it as plugin and activate it once. Then deactivate it immediately.

 * Plugin Name: Reset zeeBizzCard options

register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'reset_zeebizzcard_options' );

function reset_zeebizzcard_options()
    delete_option( 'themezee_options' );

Your easiest option to ‘reset the theme’ would be to select another theme in the admin section then delete the zeebizz theme and download it again.