How was my WP site hacked

My site,, has been hacked, and I can’t login to wp-admin.

Can you say how it has been hacked and what can I do to undo the damage?
I have access to the host.

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If you do a Google search, you will find many topics on this.

Here are some links:

First read this:

Then take a look at these links:

If you have access to your database, login using PHPMyAdmin and change admin username / password, delete users you don’t know and change password for rest.

Then start the process of backing up data and do a clean install.

Note. If you can’t find out how they got access to your site, doing a clean install and putting back data, will still leave whatever hole open.

Also not that backdoors (links / code) could have been added to your posts, so all content must be checked before you import exported data.