Importer fails to import every post

I’m trying to move the content of a blog to a self-hosted one. Right now I’m just trying to set things up on my local environment.

I exported the content using the built-in WordPress exporter from the original blog and the file is a little bigger than 2 megabytes. Anyway I managed to increase the upload limit so the import is actually working. The problem is that it imports just the posts of 2010.

Is there some other limit set somewhere else?

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Open the WXR in a text editor and see if it contains posts from later years. If not, you will need to revisit your export settings from to make sure you’re pulling all posts.

If it does contain posts from these years, there might be a non UTF8 character breaking the import. You should be able to spot any offending characters in a typical IDE that parses XML. If this is the case, you should edit those characters and retry the import.

I solved my problem. I exported again the whole content, choosing to export the posts separately. This resulted in a much bigger file (almost 8 megabytes) and it seems it contains all posts I wrote in the past.