Information about WordPress 4

Are there any details on when WP 4 will be released?

Is it true it will be a fundamental re-write using considerable Ajax?

I am really interested in the following issue which is reported as included in 4.0

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Release Date:

WordPress 4.0 is planned for August 27September 3, 2014


WordPress 4.0 Release:

[…] For those unaware, for WordPress, version 4.0 sounds like a
“big” version number but it’s just another major release for us, like
3.9 and 4.1, constructed over the same ~4-month release cycle. […]


For WordPress 4.0 features follow
Planned features at the moment:

If by AJAX rewrites you mean significant rewriting of the wp-views shortcode system backed by Backbone and Ajax, yes, it is significantly different than 3.9.

From what I’ve tested, this is the most significant change as it is still a bit buggy and breaking existing code – see for example 29115 (mostly fixed by now), renamed important constants used in TinyMCE modules that could break some plugins (28458, 29130)