Inserting above the comment template

I want to insert content, just above the comment template.I have tried all the word-press filters and hooks but failed.

I want to insert the content above the comment template, I mean above all comments.



function my_fields() {
 echo '<p>action/p>';


Please see the image-I want to insert content in color part of the image in single.php
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It mainly depends on a theme, whether there is a hook, in which you can call an action.

Simple ways, how to do that:

  1. You insert your code directly into single.php, right above the code calling comments_template(),
  2. You create a hook (e.g. above comments_template()) as do_action('my_hook') and then you hook into it your function add_action('my_hook', 'function_i_want_to_hook')
  3. Or you do the same as steps above, however, working with file, where comments template code resides, i.e. comments.php