is_home doesn't affect content

I have a bunch of html i need to show only if it is a homepage. My theme pulls content from AJAX and then changes the URL to reflect the new content change. in the meantime, the homepage content (the entirety of which is contained in the footer) still remains below, what i need to happen is the footer content should still be there but the content under
<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?> disappears. there is a close button included on each page, when it’s clicked the AJAX content is removed and the page returns to the homepage, i need the is_home content to come back at this point. What happens right now is that the content does not go away when the url chnages, and when the ajax content is removed and the page scrolls back to the homepage area and the url goes back to home, i simply get the background no content. My entire footer file can be found here: (the issue begins at line 46. ). The actual site is HERE: the content i need gone when not in home is the grey stuff under the carousel
you can see the custom.js file here, this file handles all the ajax requests, but i’m not sure which part actually pulls the page content. i added code on limnes 261 and 594 to try and make this work, hasnt so far. I think the url chnage and ajax content starts at LINE 236.

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You need to is is_front_page() instead of is_home().

is_home() actually refers to the blog page (or the home page if you have it set to show latest posts).

is_front_page() refers to the page (regardless of whether it is a static page or a latest posts feed) that sits on the front of your site.