Jetpack Comments with fall-back

I’m developing a theme based off of bones – I went ahead and edited the comments.php file – the comments form is hardcoded – I assumed this was the right way to do things so I carried on and structured/styled the comments form to fit in with the theme I am building.

Today I installed Jetpack with the aim of using their new comments system – this didn’t work – after a few web searches it resulted that Jetpack comment_form() to work

So this is my question – How do I make use of Jetpack (therefore making use the comment_form() function) and keep a fall-back of my custom comment form. – I am imagining I would somehow need to place my existing comment form within a separate file/function and if Jetpack isn’t present it would use it through comment form() – does this make any sense at all?

Any help is most appreciated.


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