Metadata for a taxonomy – is there any WordPress way of doing this?

If I have a CPT “movies” I know I can have various taxonomies eg “Director”, but how can I store further information such as “director’s nationality” for any one particular director … or is this possible using WordPress?

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why don’t you take a look at this I think it it is what you are looking for

The taxonomy system doesn’t have any meta_data feature. Without constructing another table, your option seems to me to be to store the taxonomy information in the $wpdb->options table using the appropriate functions.

Honestly, I can’t help but think that you are trying to use the taxonomy system for something beyond what it was meant for and that you should be considering post meta or a custom post type.

Or, you should be using multiple taxonomines– one for directory, one for the director’s nationality, etc.

I would say to use the multiple taxonomies, or create your own table to hold the taxonomy meta. I worry about performance though. The taxonomy queries are complicated.