More tag locked in Hemingway

I’m currently using the Hemingway theme as seen here:

Currently this theme provides a pleasing tag when generated, however I can’t change what the tag reads as. At least individually. I know I can go into the functions.php and change the $more_link_text:

// Custom more-link text
add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'hemingway_custom_more_link', 10, 2 );

function hemingway_custom_more_link( $more_link, $more_link_text ) {
return str_replace( $more_link_text, __('Episode Summary and Extras', 
'hemingway'), $more_link );

as I have done. However, I also am interested in writing normal blog posts and don’t wish for them to take up large amounts of page real estate. The reason I chose “episode summary and extras” as the text is it’s more obvious and entices a click vs “read more“. However during a regular blog post this tag wouldn’t make sense. Is there anyway to allow me to customize the tag and have it display, for example and without losing the formatting and colored box behind the tag currently? Also Hemingway doesn’t support excerpts, at least not on blog posts as far as I can tell. So this isn’t an option. I don’t mind typing out the custom tag each post.

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WordPress has the functionality built-in natively.

Try updating the read more tag in the Text editor. Examples:

<!--more Episode Summary and Extras -->
<!--more Regular Blog Post -->
<!--more Read More About My Cats -->

This only works with the_content(), but it sounds like your theme’s blog loop is using that.

You can make shortcode with custom more text and show it only on archive pages (not single.php). It allows customize you read more text.

Something like this

add_shortcode('readmore', ...)