Multisite: I have a gap in my blogs. How to add the missing one?

So I deleted a few blogs that I no longer needed in my multisite…but I didnt realize that it would create a “gap” in my blogs.

In other words I now have

  • http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=1
  • http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=3

And the blog-id “2” is now missing. If I try to use that same link for example with “2” appended at the end? The result is “The requested site does not exist” (which is accurate because I did in fact delete it).

Is there a way to create the blog numbers that are missing? I do NOT need to recover their data at all…I just want the missing blog ids to be usable and available.


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blog ids have no importance by themselves, it is just an abstract number that uniquely identified a blog in the network. they are assigned sequentially for the convenience of the code and since they don’t have any meaning by themselves, there is no reason to “compact” them. In theory it can be done, but it is not especially trivial and will be a waste of your time.