Need post_type_archive_title function but in 'single'

I’m trying to pull a custom post type name/title out for use in the breadcrumb of a single-[cpt].php template file.

In the archive-[cpt].php I can use post_type_archive_title() and it echo the name.
How would I get this same title in a single view?


I’ve trawled though the codex and haven’t seen a function, but might have missed it!

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There doesn’t appear to be one, but the following should work:

   //Get post type    
   $post_type_obj = get_post_type_object( get_post_type() );
   //Get post type's label
   $title = apply_filters('post_type_archive_title', $post_type_obj->labels->name );        
   $archive_title = apply_filters('post_type_archive_title', $post_type_obj->labels->all_items);

This can, for instance, be put in one generic header template that is applied to all single-cpt files. With is_single() it can be put in an even more generic header template.

For a complete list of labels, see