Need webcam chat plugin for my client

I am developing a website where I need a webcam chat plugin. I have tried many plugins from but none of them worked. Can anyone please suggest me a working plugin.
Plugins that did not work:

  1. TokBox OpenTok Plugin


In the dashboard,it only pops up once
i.e the first time the plugin is used
and still the button to start webcam
did not work(Also note that it did not
show up my webcam.)


The problem was with the dashboard. I uploaded the files and it started to work . Thanks
2. Tinychat**


Was unable to find API for it.

  1. VideoWhisper Video Presentation


Keeps on loading and does not work


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Here’s the link to the API for Tinychat. It was hidden in the footer.

You could also take a look at this thread on WeekendHackers, where someone is searching for the same solution. Maybe you can put your heads together 🙂

Try VideoWhisper Conference Plugin

Btw, if you were trying videowhisper video presentation with continuous loading, that means you need to check your hosting, make sure that it conforms to all the RMTP setup requirement.