Prevent Data Resubmission On Page refresh


I’ve got this rating plugin that keeps submitting & duplicating the rating data on page refresh. When a user wants to add a rating, they have to click a button that takes them to “”

After they submit their review, the browser stays on “”

Upon refreshing the browser, the review is resubmitted, causing duplicate entries.

How can I check against duplicates in the database and stop this? – class.php – form submit.php – plugin.php

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To prevent multiple button clicks, you can use JavaScript to disable the button.

jQuery('#review_member_button').on('click', function(evt) {
    jQuery(this).attr('disabled', 'disabled');

On the WordPress end, you can set a unique key for the form every time it’s generated and check to see if a form with that key has been resubmitted. I would recommend setting a transient, since they’re temporary and easily cached with a plugin like Batcache.

When you build your form:

    $token_id = md5( uniqid( "", true ) );

    ... Other form stuff
    <input type="hidden" name="token" value="<?php echo $token_id; ?>" />

Then, when you process your form:

$token_id = stripslashes( $_POST['token'] );

// If the transient exists, this is a duplicate entry. So don't do anything
if ( ! get_transient( 'token_' . $token_id ) ) {

// If the transient doesn't exist, set it so we don't process the form twice
set_transient( 'token_' . $token_id, 'dummy-content', 60 ); // Cache for 1 minute

// ... do your other processing

submitting & duplicating the rating data on page refresh.

If it’s only an issue for page refreshes redirect the user after form submission. This will prevent re-submission because the browsers current request wasn’t the form submission. Quick example: in your form handler…

// your form handler someplace

// save the rating data.

wp_redirect($page_they_came_from, 303);

If you need to prevent users from voting multiple times, set a cookie at the tail end of your form handler (then redirect, see above).

// you form handler someplace

// save rating data

$voted = isset($_COOKIE['_wp_voted']) ? explode(',' $_COOKIE['_wp_voted']) : array();

if(!in_array($the_item_for_voting, $voted))
    // save votes here.

    $voted[] = $the_item_for_voting;

    implode(',', $voted),
    time() + (60 * 60 *24), // one day
    '/', // the whole site
    COOKIE_DOMAIN, // this is set by WP, or in your wp-config.php

wp_redirect($page_they_came_from, 303);