Refine Search Results

I’m looking for a simple way to achieve search filtering like this :

They are obviously pointing people to a empty search and then filtering by category. I’ve spent hours running round in circles 🙂

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Search is a big topic and therefore I can only guess the direction you want to go to. Like @MikeSchinkel in his comment was asking for more, I can for the moment only provide a list of links of which one might come close to what you need:

  • Refine search by category (How-To);
  • Building a Custom “Search By Category” WordPress Plugin: New Premium Tutorial (Tutorial) ;
  • Faceted Search (WordPress Plugin);
  • Search Unleashed (WordPress Plugin);
  • Search API (WordPress Plugin);
  • WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin (WordPress Plugin);
  • Make WordPress’ search function suck Less (How-To);