Refresh after ajax call

I’m building a plugin where I add a tab to the media manager and can add stuff from another source. I add the tab with this, which generates a iframe:

add_filter('media_upload_tabs', 'add_myUpload_tab');
function add_myUpload_tab($tabs) {
    $tabs['myTab'] = "My tab";
    Return $tabs;
add_action('media_upload_myTab', 'add_myUpload_save_page');
function add_myUpload_save_page() {
    wp_iframe( 'myTab_save_frame' );
function myTab_save_frame()
    echo media_upload_header();
    ?><iframe to my other source/><?php
    /*** More code below ***/

So, in short there’s an iframe in the iframe. 🙂 The wp codex had an iframe in the example but I know it works without it.
Any how.

When I play around in my iframe and in this presses a button, this page in the iframe sends a message. In the “More code below” I wrote above, I have this code:

    window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
        //Setup variables
        var answer =,
            wp = parent.wp;
        answer.url = answer.url.replace(/\.\w+$/ig,'');
        var data = {
          'action': 'add_my_image',
          'file': answer.url
        };, data, function(response) {
            alert('My image was uploaded');
            /** From here and i below I want to do my stuff **/

And yes, I’m aware I’m not sending a nonce. This is just for testing.
Everything works. What Ii now want to achieve is to get to refresh the library in the “Add media” -> “library” tab. And this is where I fail.

I found this thread but nothing here really helps. As you can see, since I am in the wp_iframe i have declared wp as parent.wp to call the stuff.

So far I have achieved to change the state so it’s displaying the library, but not refreshed. I can do this with:'insert');

but the strange thing is that after this no more js is running. If I, for example, add the line console.log(‘Hello world’); after this line the console is silent.

Therefore I suspect I have to refresh it before I set the state?

Any ideas how to select another frame/state/tab (the library one), refresh it and (if possible – not necessary) switch to it?

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So, I followed your links and this is working for me. This test works the same for my upload callbacks so hopefully it works for you.

In the iframe

function myTab_save_frame()
    global $redir_tab;

    $redir_tab = 'mytab';

    media_upload_header(); ?>

    <button>Test Trigger</button>

        var switchAndReload = function() {

            // get wp outside iframe

            var wp = parent.wp;

            // switch tabs (required for the code below)


            // refresh

            if( !== null) {
      {ignore: (+ new Date())});
            } else {
       ({ignore: (+ new Date())});

        jQuery('button').on('click', function(evt){

            // do upload logic...

            // upload completed.

            // refresh library!