remove permalink trailing slash

I need to use the_permalink() in order to construct a simple link from each post . the link should be like

I use ?output=something” >

the problem is that the trailing slash of the permalink is giving me an extar trailing slash that is breaking my link . 

I know that I can construct the structure in another way , but I want to use the permalink (much easier) and i do not want to change the permalink structure sitewide …

any way of getting rid of the trailing slash ??

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You can use the trim command to do this, specifically, the rtrim to remove the character from the right side:

$url = rtrim(get_permalink(),'/');

Using a blanket substr -1 technique would cause problems if there isn’t a trailing slash in the permalink. Also, the function the_permalink echoes the link, and get_permalink returns it as a string.

This post is old but, why not use WordPress build in function untrailingslashit? Added since 2.2.0

function untrailingslashit( $string ) {
    return rtrim( $string, '/\\' );
echo substr(the_permalink(), 0, -1);