Remove / Rename Uncategorized Category In WordPress

I have installed wordpress Muilit Site (NETWORK)

I need to Remove / Rename Uncategorized Category In WordPress.

How is this possible?

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To change the default “Uncategorized” using code you can do the following:

// Uncategorized ID is always 1
wp_update_term(1, 'category', array(
  'name' => 'hello',
  'slug' => 'hello', 
  'description' => 'hi'

Read this:

In wp-admin, you can rename the Uncategorized category any time. Just go to Posts > Categories and do it. 🙂

In case you forgot to assign a post to any category WordPress will add that post to Uncategorized by default. That’s why a default category is must.

To change a default category go to Settings > Writing.

Then choose the Default category whatever you want; but you have to add a new category from the Categories page first. Enjoy WordPress.

You can easily rename uncategorize category in WordPress. Just go to Posts the select Categories. Then click on Edit just below Uncategorized. Then enter your meaningful category. Finally, click on Update. That’s all.