Remove the Yoast SEO Post Metabox

Yoasts SEO plugin adds a metabox to the post edit screen. I’m trying to remove this for users who aren’t editors or above.

I’ve tried putting a remove_meta_box call in on admin_init, trying to remove the action on $wpseo_metabox but to no avail.

How do I remove this metabox without requiring user intervention (the user should never know the metabox existed, so clicking on screen options is not an option )

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On remove_meta_box is a note:

Because you can’t remove a meta box until it’s been added, it’s
important to make sure your call to remove_meta_box() happens in the
right sequence.

WordPress SEO adds meta boxes on add_meta_boxes action with default priority – 10, which run after admin_init, so that won’t remove them. Instead you need to hook into add_meta_boxes, but with lower priority – 11, 12, etc.

function mamaduka_remove_metabox() {
    if ( ! current_user_can( 'edit_others_posts' ) )
        remove_meta_box( 'wpseo_meta', 'post', 'normal' );
add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'mamaduka_remove_metabox', 11 );

Remove metaboxes for non-admin accounts:

add_filter ( 'manage_edit-post_columns', 'rkv_remove_columns' );
function rkv_remove_columns( $columns ) {

   if ( ! current_user_can('administrator') ) { 

    unset( $columns['wpseo-score'] );
    unset( $columns['wpseo-title'] );
    unset( $columns['wpseo-metadesc'] );
    unset( $columns['wpseo-focuskw'] );
    return $columns;