Shortcode call not working in WP Template

I’m working with a Visual Composer shortcode to call a text resizer into being. When using the Visual Composer or the classic WYSIWYG, if I insert it’s shortcode

[enlarge_text small='A' medium='A' large='A' default_value='medium']

into the editors it works with 0 issue. So in the interest of making my life easier, I went to add this into the WordPress base templates with:

     echo do_shortcode('[enlarge_text small='A' medium='A' large='A' default_value='medium']');

Sadly, no joy. I’ve checked to confirm the base templates are using the content callout, and should I edit them incorrectly they definitely take down the site, so I feel I’m in the right place instead of this theme having some special custom set hidden away that I’m just missing.


Thank you in advance!

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