Show posts on a Google Map

Through the custom fields, I assigned to each post its geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude).

Now, I’d like to show a Google Maps with a marker for each post.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do this effectively?

EDIT: Solved following this G.M.’s answer.

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Lots of ways to proceed here. Here’s one way to do it:

  1. Find a JavaScript/jQuery plugin that works with map markers. I used Mosne Map, it’s old but it works.

  2. Generate the HTML markup that the above plugin will use. I needed a more user-friendly way to add markers, so I utilized ACF’s Repeater Field type for this because I had one page with a map, so it was easiest way to attach lat-lang coordinates to that page. Your case would probably be getting those posts with WP_Query and extracting the coordinates from each.

  3. Tie it all together with a shortcode, so that the map can be shown on any page. Again, you don’t need this, you can just include all the necessary JS, execute your WP_Query, and generate the necessary HTML anywhere you want to show the map.

The best plugin I’ve found so far for this is Mappress…there is a pro version, which you might need. I’ve got it implemented here in the way you describe.